Arvind Kejriwal won Delhi assembly elections in 2015 and my glimpse on his winning

AK election winning

My Post on FB during Delhi Assembly Election 2015


Movie Review of Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Movie :- “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” – Review

le le le re.. Chal beta movie me Joll(y)fie le le re…

Yes, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.. a Sallufie movie. In a Story, An Aam Aadmi teaches us humanity stands above border, religion, hatred and politics. Salmaan khan plays a role of Pavan Chaturvedi-a simple naive guy, devotee of Bajrangbali or you can say Afficionado of Bajrangbali . Harshali Malhotra, a cutest child actor plays as Shahida- a speech-impaired who lives in Pakistan. During travelling along with her mother in Samjauta Express, she is stranded here in India. Wandering alone, she meets there Salman Khan. Salman gives her name as “Munni”. He decides to reunite the child with her parents. At first glance, he thinks that munni is may be from brahmin family then one day he takes her at restaurant where she eats nonvege. He thinks she is may be from Kshatriya. But When he takes her to temple, there he comes to know that she is momedian girl. So initially he decides not to help her due to Dharmbhrast of himself. But Kareena Kapoor as Rasika who plays his love interest in movie. She persuades him to help her to find out her parents. He starts a journey to complete his mission where a TV reporter Chand Nawaab played by Nawazzudin Siddiqui helps him in mission to find munni’s parents in Pakistan. Story of Movie is tear-jerker and coherent with the title. How he has been succeeded in his mission, for that you must have to watch the movie, especially for Salman Khan and newbie cutest child actor Harshali Malhotra. Dialogues are written by Kabir Khan and Kausar Munir. Excerpt some conversation between Nawazuddin and Salman.

Salmaan : “Tune Mahabhaarat nahi dekhi kya?”
Nawazuddin: “Vo kya he nayi serial he??.. Nayi movie aa rahi he kya?”

If you are emotional and sensitive, I bet you, you will be liked movie.

Ye tha Aaj ka review meri taraf se…..

Brain Drain

Now-a-days, Brain-drain is common in developing countries. According to me, more n more people are willing to migrate in foreign countries like Canada, US, Australia, Europe, New Zealand… etc. Why the more n more people are migrating in other countries to make their career or settled down their? Why everyone is interested to move there? Is there anything special or magic in these countries? If Canada or US or any developed country makes the ease policy for Permanent residency like no restriction in age, education and work experience and all the process of PR(Permanent Residency) make free then I bet you more than 90% Indian will be ready to move there. No one will want to live in India. To live in India, more n more people feel like a bull in a china shop!

Why the people are more attracted towards other countries? Why they find their satisfaction or happiness in out of country? The reason is people are fed up with the Indian system, Indian law and burden of taxes. They don’t want to live a tedious life. From born to death you have to struggle in life to get a bread n butter to survive your life. You can’t get an inch of progress in your life after paying a lot of hard work. The policy of law and taxes are labyrinthine. Standard of living is not good. No minimum wages, No free education, No free health care. Other factors like Population, Competition, Poverty, Pollution, Jobbery-Robbery, Crime, quota system, mud-slinging politics, unemployment, exploitation, no traffic sense, inequality of economy, lack of Management, lack of nourishment… are also responsible.

The reasons we like to live in foreign countries,

1) Child Education, healthcare is free.
2) Education is good and has a value.
3) Some countries are pollution free like Canada, Singapore etc. You can feel better to live there. Canada is among top most countries (according to OECD) to live a smooth and peaceful life.
4) Some countries have very low crime rate, like Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark etc..
5) A strict rule and law to follow. Fast process of law and court cases.
6) Low population and ample of Job opportunities available, so no competition.
7) After getting the Citizenship of pertinent country you get the more benefits as per rule of country.
8) There is minimum wages to do a job irrespective of education.
9) You get government benefits if you are unemployed.
10) A good job prospects and earnings.
11) Environment or you can say Atmosphere is good, you would get pure breathing.
12) Some countries are tax free like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brunei etc.. Some islands are duty free like Curacao, Aruba, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, Montego bay-Jamaica etc..

The most and foremost point is that, in India, people are very emotional and sensitive (this is the reason that some people take the benefit of it and make them fool). This is the Achilles’ heel, a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength and potential; it can lead you to downfall. Just throw your apprehension and emotions in dustbin and move with like a heart of Lion in any developed country. Indian People who are already in out of country and settled down there have two faces. They said “India is a good country, I love India, there is no other country like India, and the people who live in India are lucky people” these are the show off statement by NRIs. If you really love India and have an emotional touch to India then why you go foreign country, why you don’t settled in India and if you have guts, make your career in India and show that you love India.
Anyways, I don’t want to go in a deep. It’s an individual choice of everyone. Here, People are educated; scholar and techno savvy, so they better know what to choose.

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